At Boblits Enterprises we recognize the value of creating long-term relationships with our subcontractors. We understand that how we treat our subcontractors has a major effect on how successful a project will be for everyone involved. We hold our subcontractors to high standards. In turn, subcontractors can expect a well-run project where they will receive timely payment for fulfilling their responsibilities. 



Company Name:


Phone Number:

Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Type of company:

Date Formed:

Federal tax ID#:


Does the company have any union agreements? YesNo


Is your firm certified? YesNo

If yes, please check all that apply:MBEWBESBEDBEDVBELSDBEOTHER

Certifying Agency (s):...............Certification Number (s)


Are you able to bond projects?: YesNo

Bonding Rate:

Single project limit:

Aggregate limit:

Bonding company address:

Agent name:

Agent phone number:


Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for the past three years:

Current Year:

1st prior year:

2nd prior year:

Does the company have a written safety program and/or policies?YesNo
Does the company have a written drug policy?YesNo
Does the company employ a full-time safety professional?YesNo
In the last three years has the firm been cited for any serious (defined by OSHA) Violations?YesNo


Acknowledge you have the following minimum coverage: YesNo

Workers Compensation Insurance: Statutory Coverage in state where work is being done.
100,000 each accident
100,000 disease each employee
500,000 disease policy limit

General Liability:
1,000,000 each occurrence.
2,000,000 aggregate.
1,000,000 products and completed operations.

1,000,000 any auto, hired and non owned.

Umbrella or Excess Liability:
1,000,000 each occurrence
1,000,000 aggregate

Insurance company address:

Agent Name:

Agent phone:

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